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Building Connections That Matter: How Appreciative Advising Improves Retention Rates

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Creating a Culture of Transparency: The CIRR Initiative

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Coding bootcamps have demonstrated their value by publishing statistics on graduation rates, job placement and other success metrics. But what do these statistics mean? In today’s UncompromisingEDU, Learning House CEO Todd Zipper discusses the CIRR Initiative and what it can do to improve transparency and accountability among coding bootcamps. By verifying success metrics and holding them all to the same standard, we can ensure they remain meaningful.

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Measuring What Matters: Defining Outcomes in Higher Education

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What are outcomes? We use the term in higher ed frequently, and we all agree that measuring student outcomes and making sure we provide good outcomes are important. But the term “outcomes” can be notoriously hard to define. In today’s UncompromisingEDU, Learning House CEO Todd Zipper drills down on the specifics of what we mean when we say “outcomes,” and discusses why each kind of student outcome is important to higher education and society at large.

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