4 Perspectives on the Future of Online Education

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Between regulatory changes, the introduction of new learning models such as MOOCs, and rising tuition rates, online higher education is evolving at a rapid pace. No longer is it an expansive market where schools can build an online program and expect an instant boost in enrollment. How, then, can schools succeed?

A panel of diverse industry experts, including Richard Garrett, vice president and principal analyst for online higher education at Eduventures; Bradley Safalow, founder and CEO of PAA Research; Gregory Ferenbach, partner at Dow Lohnes, PLLC; and Dr. Susan Aldridge, senior fellow of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities and newly appointed senior vice president for online learning at Drexel University, has some answers.

As online education evolves, they say, understanding your brand, providing measurable value and expanding online to existing populations will all be key for schools to succeed.

This session occurred during Connect 2013, an online education conference hosted by Learning House. To see other select presentations from the conference, click here.

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