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A revolution is happening in higher education. With the advent of the Internet, mobile computing, and new types of learning models, how and where students learn is changing. At Learning House, our commitment to helping our partner colleges provide the best experience possible for students means we think it’s imperative to be a part of this change. To that end, I am proud to announce the start of uncompromisingEDU, a weekly blog dedicated to discussing the latest innovations in higher education. 

Our goal with uncompromisingEDU is to explore the current reality of the higher education system and bring to light new ideas, solutions, and innovations to help make that system better. Posts will be in one of three formats: (1) reflections of current hot topics, (2) interviewing industry leaders and gaining their perspective on critical topics and strategies of the day, and (3) providing new insight on best practices related to today’s higher education landscape. I encourage you to become a part of the conversation — subscribe to get notifications when a new post goes up, and make sure to leave a comment about your thoughts. 

At Learning House, and for me personally, innovations in higher education are more than a job; they are a passion. I look forward to engaging with you on what’s changing in this critical industry and how we can all join together to make the system work in an evolving world. Together, we can continue the tradition of excellence in higher education for which the United States is known and ensure that those same standards are applied to the modern age. 

About Todd Zipper

Todd Zipper serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer at Learning House. He joined Learning House as Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer during the Weld North Holdings LLC acquisition in 2011. In his role, Todd oversees all operations and provides strategic management. Before joining Learning House, Todd co-founded and served as Chief Operating Officer for Education Connection. Todd can be reached at: