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Measuring What Matters: Defining Outcomes in Higher Education

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Measuring What Matters: Defining Outcomes in Higher Education

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What are outcomes? We use the term in higher ed frequently, and we all agree that measuring student outcomes and making sure we provide good outcomes are important. But the term “outcomes” can be notoriously hard to define. In today’s UncompromisingEDU, Learning House CEO Todd Zipper drills down on the specifics of what we mean when we say “outcomes,” and discusses why each kind of student outcome is important to higher education and society at large.

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Reinventing How We Pay for College: The Benefits of Income Share Agreements

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The crisis of rising student debt presents an enormous problem for our society. Is higher education providing value to justify the debt, especially given the chances of that debt being passed on to taxpayers? In today’s UncompromisingEDU, Todd Zipper discusses one possible solution: income share agreements. These contracts between students and corporations can provide an alternative or supplement to federal or private student loans that has the potential to impose less burden on students — and more accountability on colleges.

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Looking Back, Looking Forward: Examining 2015’s Predictions and Peering into the Future

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Reflection is an essential part of learning, and the end of a year provides an excellent opportunity to reflect upon that year. Last year, Learning House CEO Todd Zipper made some predictions about trends in higher education during 2016. This year, he examines those predictions, talks about which ones came true and which didn’t, and makes some more forecasts, this time into 2017. How accurate was he?

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