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Creating a Culture of Transparency: The CIRR Initiative

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Coding bootcamps have demonstrated their value by publishing statistics on graduation rates, job placement and other success metrics. But what do these statistics mean? In today’s UncompromisingEDU, Learning House CEO Todd Zipper discusses the CIRR Initiative and what it can do to improve transparency and accountability among coding bootcamps. By verifying success metrics and holding them all to the same standard, we can ensure they remain meaningful.

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Trends for the Future: 10 Alternate Education Pathways

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From bootcamps to competency-based education, from enterprise partnerships to curated degrees, education is getting more specific, more specialized and more streamlined. How can institutions prepare for the future and ensure that they are staying relevant while also continuing to serve their core purpose of educating students? Here are 10 higher education trends I predict will be important in 2016.

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