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Looking Back, Looking Forward: Examining 2015’s Predictions and Peering into the Future

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Reflection is an essential part of learning, and the end of a year provides an excellent opportunity to reflect upon that year. Last year, Learning House CEO Todd Zipper made some predictions about trends in higher education during 2016. This year, he examines those predictions, talks about which ones came true and which didn’t, and makes some more forecasts, this time into 2017. How accurate was he?

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Teaching With Trigger Warnings

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Talk about trigger warnings has turned into controversy on college campuses, but what can we learn from the discussion? Learning House CEO Todd Zipper discusses trigger warnings and how they can be used in classrooms, both as a way to foster a safe space to learn, and as a way to teach critical soft skills to students.

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Predicting the Precarious Future of For-Profit Higher Education

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For-profit higher education institutions are under increasing regulatory pressure and are facing declining enrollments. Are we seeing the end of the for-profit education space? Learning House CEO Todd Zipper argues that for-profits are not doomed; those institutions that implement a few key strategies can still thrive in the increasingly competitive landscape.

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