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Looking Back, Looking Forward: Examining 2015’s Predictions and Peering into the Future

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Reflection is an essential part of learning, and the end of a year provides an excellent opportunity to reflect upon that year. Last year, Learning House CEO Todd Zipper made some predictions about trends in higher education during 2016. This year, he examines those predictions, talks about which ones came true and which didn’t, and makes some more forecasts, this time into 2017. How accurate was he?

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Driving for Change: How Changing Accreditation Is Good for Higher Education

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New recommendations from the federal government for accrediting bodies may seem like a burden, but implementing these changes will actually help colleges and universities deliver better results to students. By focusing on transparency and tracking outcomes, consumers will be able to make more informed choices and institutions will be able to improve on areas of strength and identify areas of weakness.

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